Mediation Services in San Antonio

My name is Steve Vacek. I have mediated over 5,000 cases. I began my mediation practice in 1994 and have been a full time mediator in San Antonio since 1998. I have mediated family law cases, employment law cases, personal injury cases, uninsured/undersinsured cases, real estate cases, DTPA cases, construction defect cases, insurance contract disputes, general contract disputes and business disputes. I no longer do family law mediation.

For your convenience, San Antonio mediations are conducted in your or opposing counsel's office. If you feel a neutral location is preferable, arrangements can be made to accommodate that need, normally at no additional charge. If you are not in San Antonio and would like the mediation conducted in your office, please contact me to discuss any additional fees that may apply. I do not charge for cancellations, unless the cancellation occurs after I have traveled to your office.

In San Antonio, if a jury trial is requested, mediation is normally required before trial. If the parties cannot agree on a mediator, the court will appoint one for them. A typical mediation lasts two to four hours. Dress is casual.

If I am unable to schedule your mediation for the time and date you request, I will be happy to provide the names of other San Antonio mediators for your consideration.

Mediation Fee Schedule Per Party

Parties Half Day Full Day
2 Party $450.00 $900.00
3 Party $450.00 $900.00
4 Party $425.00 $750.00
5 Party $400.00 $700.00
6 Party $375.00 $650.00



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